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What Are Aged Leads?

When lead vendors generate leads, they typically have an excess amount of leads that no one purchases. If they can’t sell those leads in 24 hours or so, those leads are no longer considered real-time leads and are instead considered aged leads. Most agents are focused on real-time leads, which is what forces lead vendors to massively discount their prices for Aged Leads. This, in turn, leaves a massive opportunity for talented agents like you and me.

Why use aged leads?

Not everything that glitters is gold. Although aged leads sounds like the dream, make no mistake, they still require talent, finesse, and persistence. Listed below are some crucial pros and cons to know before buying aged leads.


  • Aged Leads can be purchased up to 500 days old. Occasionally, there will be bad contact information for the leads as they may have changed their phone number, etc. 
  • Aged leads are not a cure for all your problems. You still will need to put in time and effort into training and learning how to sell aged leads.
  • Really old aged leads tend to not remember even signing up for a quote.


  • Aged leads cost far less than real-time, fresh leads. Even if there’s a few leads with bad contact info, the low prices absolutely makes up for it by cutting your lead costs by up to 80%. Average yearly lead costs are $36,400… AGED leads yearly cost $10,400.  
  • $36,400 – $10,400 = $26,000 a year back in your bank account! (you get the picture)
  • The leads are all scrubbed against the DNC list to avoid any potential fines AND they are prequalified as having intent to receiving a quote.
  • They’ve requested to be called and given quotes for life insurance.
  • We personally use these leads and strategies for our agents to make $3k to $5k per week!
  • *By request we can provide our custom methodology and scripts to ensure your success and we promise to change your thinking forever.

Aged leads generally must be talked to differently in order to get results. We highly recommend investing in life insurance sales training before purchasing aged leads. Agents with proper training have been seen to increase their income AND their profit. Agents without proper training generally don’t have great results. Once again, these are simply our observations and suggestions.

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